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'Decision Science’ is a collaborative approach involving maths, statistics, business tactics, technological application and behavioral sciences

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Decision Science

The ASI has been founded by eminent academia (IIMB & IISc.) & industry to enable organizations explore data & apply ...

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Analytics Society of India

Certificate Programs

Business and Big Data Analytics

A long term program covering gambit of Business and Big Data Analytics inclusive of Machine and Deep Learning transforming aspirants to be TRUE DATA SCIENTISTS

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Business Analytics with R and Python

Learn R & Python through case studies, practical applications through projects mentored by eminent industry practitioners in Decision Science

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Marketing, Customer and Social Media Analytics

Decisions demand more quantifiable and tangible metrics. Secure customer feelings, behavior, brand sentiment and check competition through case studies by domain experts

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Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) Analytics

Sail through the 5’Cs – Compliance, Competition, Complexity, Customization and Circumvention analytics for a fortified learning imparted by Decision Science experts

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Corporate Training

Decision Science demands the right partner. Varsa delivers a custom approach to support skill set augmentation of various strata in an organization, enabling right understanding

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Why choose ?

Right Resource

Decision Science is a profession that is better appreciated through practice. When practitioners engage for a cause, it amounts to experiencing practical and resourceful creative approach laced with optimal adaptability. At VARSA, we are sure to impart right knowledge ensuring right augmentation of skill sets aimed at transforming participants to become Decision Science Professionals.

Relevant Curriculum

A relevant curriculum should fulfill today’s and emerging demands of the Decision Science domain. At VARSA, the curriculum is carved from the insights of the experiences to lay a foundation on which one can further the skills to secure and deliver a holistic value-add in all aspects of profession and related career.

Merited Methodology

Having the right resource and relevant curriculum calls for an execution methodology that should lay a strong foundation. Hence, At VARSA we prescribe face-to-face interactive journey with case studies (from Harvard, Kellogg, IIM’s etc), hands on exposure with professionals and validation in the form of assignments/projects. It does take that extra mile to acquire knowledge through case studies, for academicians without practice might not honor the essentials of a learning curve.

Magnate Recognition

A heterogeneous group with a homogeneous mind shall adore the canvas of recognition in the midst of an aggrandized audience. At VARSA, the domain of Decision Science is in appreciating the business statements, related data, solutioning and interpretation.With a third eye evaluation and certification through Analytics Society of India and industry professionals, we strive to help you embrace an opportunity of Branding your Brain Power.

Industry Speaks

Synergist Partners

Progression and Recognition demands the need to be part of a network or getting introduced to a network of professionals. An USP to impart knowledge and related career transformation. At VARSA, we are the network and we are the partners in progress.

Route α

The art of Decision Science should not encourage a touch and go procedure. Rather, it should be a journey that demands sustained interaction for seamless knowledge augmentation and networking. At VARSA, ‘Route α’ is a conscious carriage to travel and experience progress through Master Class, Symposium, Publication and Research. ‘Route α’ is FUN with a PURPOSE.

News Room

Increasing digital data

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With advent of Satellites, sensors, social media, smartphone & digitization – World is at inflex point of data explosion. Digital data increased by 2x of all the data created historically. Decision science industry in $ terms to grow at CAGR of 30%+ for next 5 years – Gartner

The algorithmic business

News Room2

Organizations & industries are moving towards smart algorithmic business and by 2020 smart algorithms, classifications & predictive techniques will make businesses autonomous & facilitate 40% of mobile transactions, 5% of all economic transactions, authorize 30% of all business content, Customized patient care, drive IoT. The smart algorithmic decision science business will be the business of the future and it will change society as we know it.

Future needs “analytical talent”

News Room 3

There will be a shortfall of 1.5 million decision science professionals by 2018 in US alone – Gartner. It is equivalent to total employees employed by all top ITES service providers in India together. Decision science professional to command a salary premium of 35 to 60% over other professionals with Average salary for a fresher being 8 to 13 Lakhs.


Sajid Hussain

Commercial Director, Virgin Mobile, Riyadh

I could well appreciate Decision Science as a practice post my graduation from IIMB, one of the top notch campus to offer Analytics program in India. I see VARSA to have established the program in sync with the best programs India has to offer and ahead of industry trends covering all essential aspects needed for the domain. Projects, Case Study based approach backed with V-Connect (Industry Guest Sessions) makes the program from VARSA the right platform for Decision Science. I expect participants to this program to emerge as professional Data Scientist

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