About Academy

An academy imparts holistic knowledge
An academy mentors individuals & organizations to excel in real life
An academy explores new theories and innovates

With these virtues, the thought of VARSA Institute of Decision Science was formed. VARSA is an academic initiative in the field of decision science to support increasing need of Big Data & Analytics talent. With a combined experience of more than 150 years in management, consulting and teaching, VARSA is well positioned to extend the right knowledge and impart the right skills. VARSA understands and appreciates what is takes to experience Decision Science.

Enterprises, globally, recognize the explosion of data in the new-age ecosystem they operate in. The explosion of data is marked by always-on-connectivity, internet-of-things applications, and mobility. This dual tone of this ever-growing data is an opportunity as it is a challenge. The growing number of new sources of data, which gets generated at great pace, high volumes, and unstructured forms pose challenges. The opportunity is immense when the explosive data is leveraged fully. It enables enterprises to unearth ground realities, predict and optimize future, find new opportunities, strategize renewed game-changing phenomena, discover new possibilities and secure their future in the midst of ever growing competition.


Decision Science as an emerging and ever to remain domain is growing in leaps and bounds, whereas the availability of the right skilled resources is getting scarce. VARSA identifies closely what it takes to inculcate the right knowledge to aspiring data scientist.

VARSA believes in holistic education, hence it is a 100% face to face class room based initiative for students to get benefited from multi-dimension views from a classroom of heterogeneous participants and homogeneous minds. ‘Gurukula’ is a type of residential school in India with pupils (shishya) living near the guru, often in the same house. VARSA embraces the importance and efficiency of the Gurukula method of teaching. VARSA strives to be a traditional academy with classroom sessions that shall bring in the right expert, right resource, right references, and right validation of acquired learning for the right knowledge addition.


VARSA is aimed at imparting the right knowledge as Analytics is the driving force for meaningful insights that lead to better decisions. When open-source platforms like R and Python are rapidly increasing the adoption of advanced analytics, the Big Data platforms like Hadoop & Spark are revolutionizing our ability to gain valuable insights from the huge treasure chest of raw data.

Salient Features of VARSA:

  • Initiative of professionals graduated from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
  • Course scope, content and pedagogy accredited by Analytics Society of India.
  • Course certified by Analytics Society of India.
  • Academic Advisors and Resources from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore and Industry Experts.
  • Master Class – Connect sessions on a pre-defined timeframe for professionals to get appraised for new development in the field of Decision Science.
  • ‘Route α’ – Platform for like-minded professionals to engage in research and paper publication, participation in competitions and networking.