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Decision Science demands the right knowledge acquired through the right source. VARSA delivers a customer approach to suit to the Strategic, Management, Operational and Execution level of an organization enabling right understanding of customer needs that shall spell success. It becomes imperative to acquire relevant and right knowledge to stay abreast of competition and also to keep workforce engaged to surpass benchmarks continuously set by market peers.

At VARSA, we believe and practice in Right Learning. The learning needs of an organization might have to be different across various strata of the organization. Hence, at VARSA we follow an approach and methodology that shall strive to create the right confidence inculcating the right participation aimed at optimal Return on Investment to the organization.

With a combined experience of over 150 man years of consulting, solution providing and inclusive training of inter as well as intra organization customers, VARSA’s training process and procedures are aimed at yielding the right results catering to the needs of

  • Heterogeneous minds with homogeneous exit criteria
  • Homogeneous minds with homogeneous exit criteria

VARSA follows a custom balanced approach and shall be a partner in relevant aspects of your business by imparting the right training across the spectrum of Decision Science. The culture at VARSA is infused with right flavor of ‘Don’t say YES, when you want to say NO’. VARSA follows a 3-Tier approach to ensure the right execution of training needs

Tier – 1: Understand and validate the training needs.
Tier – 2: Prepare course scope and finalize deliverables in collaboration with stakeholders.
Tier – 3: Sustained assessment in agreement with Training (Business) Owner and validation.

Decision Science is a practice that needs to be in constant touch with the advancements in the space and domain. VARSA promotes the need through VARSA MASTER CONNECT sessions, thanks to it’s affiliation with some of the passionate practitioners of Decision Science from within institutes and corporates. VARSA retains the unique in-sight and platform for sustained engagement. VARSA is all set to be your partner in your journey alongside Decision Science as the essential must to retain and secure the future.

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