The right knowledge acquisition is an essential must for a Specialist. Periodical augmentation over and above the acquired knowledge is an integral must to retain position as an Expert. Further opportunity to liaison with peers and academician’s to experience a healthy combat with industry stars shall invoke the status of a Leader. Eventually, the impedance to innovate through research and publication shall endow the status of a Luminary.

Varsa appreciates what Decision Science and Decision Scientist should be. To sustain the journey on a note of success at any given point in time demands a defined route plan. Route α is a custom crafted club to engage, network, stay abreast of domain related progression and support individuals embrace various phases of SELL.

Master Class shall enable alumni to participate, collaborate, contribute and conquer information on evolving topics and trends in the world of Decision Science. Typically Master Class shall be custom chiselled forum focussing on specific topics and shall be conducted in a location of serene nature where not only augmentation of knowledge is expected, but the forum shall be poised to enable professional networking and accumulation of memories.

Contribution through publications and participation in competition(s) is looked on as an integral part of ensuring sustainability, and knowledge value addition to oneself and to the fraternity. It shall enable participants to get global recognition and industry validation. The established Route α is to enable a journey that continues to progress towards meeting many milestones by cross pollination of ideas, in-sights and instincts embracing many milestones of intellect.

Route α at Varsa shall strive to establish a platform for career transition and/or progression. The platform shall function as a conclave to connect points of talent with points of consumption with a unique focus of promoting and coupling corporate needs for Data Scientist Resource(s) against defined period of time. The platform shall ensure that the engagement truly focuses on the needs of the Data Science and Data Scientist world.